Hi guys!

Welcome to my travel blog. Starting a travel blog during a global travel lockdown is insane, and I would like to start by saying my heart and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by Covid-19. I recognise that this is a difficult time for many people across the globe and I wish you all good health from the bottom of my heart. Please stay safe.

In all honesty, I thought about doing this blog a few years back but, like most people lacked the courage to start and made up excuses about time. I guess one thing the lockdown has given me is an opportunity to reflect, face my fear and just go for it. The world is now beginning to open up but since I have not been able to travel for the past few months, I will be sharing content from many of my past travel destinations.

I honestly believe that travelling teaches us life skills, opens up our minds, allows us to appreciate the beauty in others but most importantly, allows us to meet ourselves. My journeys across the globe thus far have been nothing short of amazing experiences because of all these reasons. Read more on my blog page

First learn to Travel, then Travel to Learn

Destination Reviews, Travel tips and more

Money and Travel

I have broken down some cards you should consider to use when when travelling.

woman sitting by poolside


Monte-Carlo is the most visited part of Monaco filled with everything that money can buy. Read my review

My Bucket List

2020 has definitely changed things, but here’s my future travel bucket list.